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New office products and future office trends

Our experienced team is sharing office trends, best practices, and relevant insights. Count on us to be your guide, keep you in the know, and create a space that will put you ahead.
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The Future of Work

We have research-based insights that we’re excited to share to help you create an environment that supports your culture, improves your productivity, and enhances your work.

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Hack Your Office

OE1 is a collection of office furniture that’s designed to help you transform your office at a moment’s notice. Experiment with your space, roll in a wall, or reconfigure your furniture. Discover what works for you and your team.

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Performance seating home office

Home Office

We have a limited supply of Herman Miller Aeron and Herman Miller Embody chairs in stock and ready for pick-up.

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Corporate Office

We’ll gladly help you sort through all the seating options so that you can select a crowd-pleasing chair your whole office will love.

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Herman Miller Options

Are Herman Miller chairs really worth it? Yeah, we think so. But you should sit for yourself. Discover the chair that's right for you.

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Architectural Walls

We'll help you define your space and create soundproof rooms with these innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective modular walls.

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Five ways to improve teamwork in healthcare environments primary

Five Ways to Improve Teamwork in Healthcare Environments

How healthcare settings designed to enable communication can improve clinician teamwork—and save lives.

Uplifting people in healthcare
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Office Chairs

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Motia Height Adjustable Desk

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Storage & Cabinets

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Eames Lounge Chair and ottoman

Lounge Seating

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