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Architectural Walls

PacificWRO offers an innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective modular wall solution to create soundproof rooms and attractive areas within your office and workspace.

In open office areas where excessive noise can be a challenge, modular walls can create spaces where people work free from distraction. The growing appeal of architectural walls is that they can be installed wherever you want – with less waste and more precision than building traditional walls – and they can be reconfigured over time as your needs change.

At PacificWRO, we are proud to offer Maars Living Walls throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington.

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See for yourself why our partition walls rise above all expectations. Exclusively manufactured by Maars Living Walls.

Maars Living Walls are well-suited for corporate offices, healthcare facilities, government buildings, education settings and retail centers.

Our team at PacificWRO is ready to help you select the ideal wall product, and we work closely with architects, designers, and general contractors to coordinate every detail to ensure your vision comes to life!

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