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Oregon Military Department Headquarters

Fully furnished the brand new, LEED certified, highly sustainable government headquarters for the Oregon Military Department in Salem, Oregon.

Client: Oregon Military Department
: Salem, Oregon
: 55,000 square feet
: 2018


The primary goal of workspace-design and furnishings for the Oregon Military Department headquarters was to provide a highly sustainable, flexible, and resilient open office workplace for the joint military departments.


The Major General George White Headquarters is a two-story, 55,000-square-foot building that serves the Oregon Army National Guard and the Air National Guard. It’s a headquarters meeting strictly defined security and sustainability standards, while also implementing a design to ease the cultural shift toward a more modern workplace.

To shift the culture toward more transparency and collaboration, the design team developed an open-office plan. The resulting building is operationally low cost, safe and sustainable.

An eye-catching highlight to this project was the open lobby and main entrance.
This large, open area visually connects to the wetlands located outside the building and encourages users to take advantage of both indoor and outdoor spaces for informal meetings and workspaces.


Our main design solution was to provide ultimate department flexibility. Any department could leave or join at any time without any necessary revisions to the furnishings. We accommodated this need by providing all types of work settings – from drop-in’s with multi-person use lockers, to permanent workstations, as well as a plethora of soft seating & collaborative areas scattered throughout the space.

The finishes were chosen to play off of wood slat architectural detail woven throughout the space, as well as incorporate the Oregon forest setting colors with warm dark greens to pop off of a neutral palette.

Project was daylight LEED certified.


117 Open Office Stations
61 Drop In Stations with locker storage
7 Custom Reception Desks
39 Private Offices
14 Conference Rooms & Military Briefing Rooms
7 Building Storage Areas
1 Main Lobby with Additional Mezzanine Seating
Large Break Room
Phone Rooms
Wellness Rooms
Countless soft seating & collaborative meeting areas

Furniture Selections:

Herman Miller, Canvas Workstation

Herman Miller, Caper Chair

Herman Miller, Eames Conference Table

Herman Miller, Eames Table

Herman Miller, Everywhere Table

Herman Miller, Exclave Table

Herman Miller, Keyn Chair

Herman Miller, Layout Studio Drop-In Stations

Herman Miller, Meridian Lockers

Herman Miller, Mirra 2 Chair

Herman Miller, Mirra 2 Stool

Herman Miller, Motia Sit-to-Stand Table

Herman Miller, Plex Club Chair

Herman Miller, Plex Ottoman

Herman Miller, Plex Soft Chair

Herman Miller, Plex Work Table

Herman Miller, Saiba Side Chair

Herman Miller, Setu Chair

Herman Miller, Steelwood Chair

Herman Miller, Swoop Box Table

Herman Miller, Tu Storage

Herman Miller, Tuxedo Lounge Bench

Herman Miller, Tuxedo Lounge Chair

Herman Miller, Tuxedo Sofa

Geiger, Drum Conference Table

Geiger, Full Twist Chair

Coriander, Albany Table

Coriander, Oly Reception Desk

Lowenstein, Dess Lounge Chair

Lowenstein, Dess Sofa

Source, Jump Chair

Source, Jump Stool

Project Partners:

: SERA Architects
General Contractor
: Fortis Construction
: Pete Eckert