Thank You!

Thank you for joining us during this exclusive look inside Multnomah County Central Courthouse in Portland, Oregon.

Main Entrance and Lobby

The large mural in the lobby sets the color palette for furnishings throughout the building.

State-of-the-Art Courtroom

Seating for each courtroom was provided by PacificWRO.

District Attorney Victim's Lounge

Jury Assembly Room

Public Seating Area

Judicial Chambers

Jefferson Station Crane Room

Private Offices

Open Office Workstations

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Event Highlights

Thank you to everyone who attended our Exclusive Look Inside the Multnomah County Central Courthouse.

Below are a few highlights from our preview event.

Laurel Danielson from SRG Partnership shares an overview of the project.

Anthony Pepe, Director of Sales at PacificWRO, welcomes and introduces guests.

Tess Healey from PacificWRO sends her greetings via video, from the Gulf Coast.

Kim White, from PacificWRO, explains the "chair testing process."

The Jury Assembly Room required special seating that was comfortable for hours.

Brief pause on 17th Floor to enjoy the view of the Willamette River.

Courtroom corridor on the 17th Floor.

Explanation of furniture used in all public seating lounge areas.

Laurel Danielson explains how each floor had its own unique color palette.

Courtroom preview and overview of the design process.

Jen Teckenburg, from Herman Miller, describes the process for helping each Judge select his/her furniture for their Chambers.

Countless hours of research and testing went into selecting the right counsel tables.

The Victim Lounge required special care and consideration during the furniture selection process.

Stephanie Woodard from Multnomah County explains the purpose behind the fabric selection.

Groups were directed to the Crane Room for the last stop on the tour.

Portland's historic building - Jefferson Station - houses the high-traffic courtrooms.

Laurel Danielson describes working with additional architects to preserve the history of this landmark building.

THANK YOU to everyone who attended!