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A Safe Return to the Workplace

4 easy steps to help you prepare your office for returning employees after COVID-19

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Our world has changed.
And now, so should our workplace.
We’re here to help you along the way.

Our team at PacificWRO has been working to create a strategy for helping our clients prepare their offices for returning employees in a post-COVID-19 world.

We are gathering and sharing data and insights to help you better understand how to create a work environment that is safe and productive for you and your work teams.

4 Steps to Prepare Your Office for Returning Employees:

1. Start a Virtual Conversation

You don’t need to figure this out on your own. We’re here to help! Our furniture coaches and space designers are here to help you think through options and solutions to make your office safer.

We promise, there’s no high-pressure sales pitch. We’re all in this together, and we simply want to help you create a safe place for your returning employees.

Click here to set up a phone call or video chat with our team.

2. Reconfigure your existing space

In many cases, there’s no need to purchase new furniture if all you need to do is reconfigure your existing furniture. Our team is willing to meet you at your office to take measurements and help you determine if a reconfiguration will work within your floor plan.

Click here to request and schedule a site visit.

3. Focus on employee safety and well-being

All employers are concerned about the physical and psychological safety of employees when they gradually return to the workplace. That's why many companies are turning to our team at PacificWRO to help think differently about their physical spaces. These organizations are eager for solutions that can bring a sense of well-being to their employees.

We’ve collected several products solutions that can help with your smart return to the workplace. View the link below and let us know if you need a quote for any of these solutions delivered and installed at your office.

Click here to view product examples.

4. Consider financing options for larger changes

Before employees return – while your office is still empty – this might be the perfect time to replace some of your furnishings that are aging and in need of repair. We've partnered with Herman Miller and Leaf Financial Solutions to offer competitive financing options that don’t require extra capital or money down.

Click here to view our financing options overview.

A few additional complimentary tools and resources to help you prepare your office:

REPORT: Embracing the New Reality - strategies for returning to the workplace after COVID-19

SANITIZING: Suggested Cleaners and Disinfectants for Materials & Work Surfaces

CLEANING: COVID-19 Cleaning Protocols Reference Guide

MATERIALS: Performance Textiles Overview

We’re all in this together.

Contact us today to schedule a virtual conversation or a socially-distanced site visit so we can help you prepare your office for the safe return of your employees.

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