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Desperate times call for desperate measures! What’s the weirdest thing you’ve used as a desk while you worked from home during the pandemic? Maybe a laundry basket?

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Guest blog post by Jordan Mumley, Account Manager in Southwest Washington, Clark County, and Vancouver, Washington.

When the pandemic first hit and we all began working from home, I quickly realized how much I valued my height adjustable desk back in the office.

At home, I was forced to make do with what I had. Unfortunately, all I had was a nightstand, a shoe box, and an laundry basket. Admittedly, it was a sorry excuse for a stand-up desk.

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Based on the photos I’ve seen from some of our customers, it looks like many of us shared a similar experience. You probably had your own version of a laundry basket desk.

Raise your hand if you ever used your ironing board as a desk during the pandemic. (What else are you gonna use it for, right!?) How many of you tried working from the kitchen counter? Or, my personal favorite… did you ever use two cases of Costco toilet paper stacked on top of one another?

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None of those options are ideal. In fact – all of those options are pretty unhealthy, especially for prolonged work. But thankfully, as the pandemic comes to an end, soon we can all begin using our ironing boards for their intended purpose.

Unfortunately, many workers have an equally unhealthy workspace waiting for them at their office. A chair that doesn’t quite adjust anymore, a wobbly cubicle wall with fabric duct taped at the seams, or maybe the infamous desk drawer that never fully closes without the help of a little tape. These are our office laundry basket solutions, a quick fix for a persistent problem.

At PacificWRO, our company is in the business of uplifting people and spaces. That means, we create healthy, functional, and attractive work environments where people thrive. Think of us as your local guide to design, planning, and furnishing the best workspaces imaginable.

(Visit our Projects page for a few examples of how we have helped design and furnish some of the most iconic companies, campuses, clinics, and organizations across the Pacific Northwest.)

Our team is ready to help you transform your workplace so your team is excited to transition back to the office. We’re here to help you remove those laundry-basket quick-fixes around your office, so your team can thrive together.

So here’s the question I invite you to ponder for just a moment:

What kind of impact would an uplifting space have on your business, your employees, your home life, and on your mental health?

Imagine the increased productivity when your space is curated to the unique way you do business. Imagine the collaborative energy from coworkers excited about returning to the office. Imagine a work environment where desks are not made out of laundry baskets, ironing boards, or toilet paper rolls.

We can help make that happen for you.
Do drop us a line.
We’re here to help.

Jordan Mumley
Account Manager, PacificWRO
Southwest Washington

We're here to help you update your office.

We're ready to help you transform your workplace so your team is excited to transition back to the office.

Drop us a line.
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