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Exploring the Future of Workspace Design with Framery Acoustics

PacificWRO visited Framery Acoustics in Finland, exploring innovative Smart Pods for workspaces. The trip highlighted a shared vision of elevating spaces and well-being through design and functionality. This partnership aims to address modern workspace challenges with sustainable, flexible solutions.

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At PacificWRO, our passion lies at the intersection of design, functionality, and the human elements we bring into our workspaces. That’s why we were excited to send three of our team members to visit an organization that shares these passions: Framery Acoustics in Tampere, Finland. There, our team witnessed the unveiling of the new, innovative Smart Pods. The trip turned out to be more than a tour of a manufacturing facility as the team was able to explore what we consider to be the future of workplace design.

At the core of what we do is a belief grounded in uplifting people and spaces. We take pride in our approach to space design, aiming not just to create but to elevate environments by focusing on their intended use and the people performing tasks within them. Sondra Jakubowski, our A+D Market Manager, articulates it well: "Uplifting people and spaces is a dual meaning to me. It's really the end users that we're trying to uplift in and through the spaces that we create. But we're also trying to uplift the people that we're working with throughout the process to make it a better process for them." This sentiment captures our shared vision with Framery, whose soundproof pods enhance workspace aesthetics and functionality, elevating your everyday work.

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In the modern workplace there is a collective need for designs that cater seamlessly to diverse work styles. Sondra sheds light on the evolving dynamics of our work environments, highlighting how Framery's solutions are pivotal in this shift. "We've now gone from open plan being the norm, to working exclusively at home, to having to come back completely, or some hybrid of the two. The Framery pods gives a solid solution for not just individuals but also groups to have heads down, acoustically sound spaces."

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During the trip, Account Manager, Laura Hinds, got to peek behind the curtain into the world of Framery. Touring the Framery facility, Laura was struck by the sense of pride from the staff and CEO alike, serving as a testament to the company's culture of excellence and innovation. This visit underscored the essential role of design in fostering well-being and productivity, a principle that PacificWRO and Framery share. Laura noted the potential benefits, “Having a pod available can cut down on people’s anxiety knowing they have a safe place to take a private call without the fear of someone overhearing something personal.”

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Laura’s unique perspective on her role focuses on understanding needs before offering solutions. "I’m trying to help people create a better work environment where people can come feel creative, feel heard and seen," Laura explains. The essence of Framery's pods fits perfectly into this vision, furnishing spaces so people can step away from the open environment to engage in private conversations or focused work enhances the overall workplace experience by elevating people’s well-being.

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Beyond the benefits of elevating workplace well-being there’s more to the Framery Smart Pods that make it a forward-thinking solution like enhanced technology, improved sustainability, and thoughtful design adjustments down to the small details. They’ve even improved the lighting adjustments so each user can look and feel at their best on virtual calls.

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Sarah Jo Galbraith, a PacificWRO Project Manager with six years’ experience overseeing the installation of Framery’s products, highlighted the innovative details and the sustainability efforts of Framery's new line and the practical jobsite implications. She appreciated the technical enhancements and the packaging efficiencies that not only alleviate shipping burdens but also boost jobsite efficiency. Sarah Jo said, "They've done a really good job minimizing the installation time and shipping because, let’s be honest, it's a lot to ship." She also pointed out the shift towards more sustainable packaging solutions, "They've moved from wood pallets to cardboard, which is a lot easier for teams to recycle," emphasizing the broader commitment to environmental responsibility alongside design innovation.

From where we stand, the future of workspaces needs innovation that embraces flexibility, privacy, and sustainability. Framery is a leader, paving the way toward creating work environments that are not only productive, but are spaces that foster well-being and inspiration. The fusion of design and functionality embodies values shared by PacificWRO and Framery: creating spaces that meet the physical needs of people and foster a sense of belonging to empower them to be at their best.

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Our team returned from Finland with a deeper understanding of how Framery’s innovation and thoughtful design can address the challenges of the ever-changing workspace landscape. Looking toward the future, we’re eager to continue reframing challenges as opportunities through partnerships that equip us to uplift people and spaces.