Salem Police Station

Salem Police Headquarters strikes a perfect balance between an attractive, inviting, civic building while at the same time maintaining a secure and functional facility for police operations.

Salem Police 25

Client: City of Salem Police Department
: Salem, Oregon
: 104,000 square feet
: 2020
: Government / Civic


Our team at PacificWRO worked closely with JE Dunn, DLR Group, CB Two, City of Salem, and the Police Department to fully furnish all three floors of the 104,000 square foot new facility.

The new police station can now house all departments and units under one roof, including evidence storage, crime lab, emergency operations, training spaces, and multipurpose community rooms.

Lt. Treven Upkes, a spokesperson with the department said, "Having a workspace where it's bright, open and inviting creates a sense of safety for people and allows them to want to interact with us."

Project Highlights:

Salem Police SWAT Armory Locker Room
Salem Police Forensic Crime Lab
Salem Police Community Room
Salem Police Lobby Main Entrance
Salem Police Breakroom
Salem Police Living Room Meeting Area

Project Partners:

Architect: CB Two Architects

Design Firm: DLR Group

General Contractor: JE Dunn

Photography: Sally Painter Photography

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